Ballymaloe Day 10 – Cumin Error

Well, it was bound to happen…disaster day in the kitchen. It all started off swimmingly, but then once one thing got messed up, everything else seemed to follow suit. Let’s recount how this comedy of errors unfolded, shall we? (I’d really like to use another word to describe today (c-word that ends in k), but I’m trying to keep my posts G-rated.) I’ll spare you the ridiculous details, but here’s a list of some of the highlights:

  • arrived ridiculously early into the kitchens this morning but couldn’t find Tim to knockback (“knead”) the soudough starter we made the previous night
  • burned my glazed carrots because I was paying too much attention to seasoning my lamb roast
  • had to re-make said carrots but all the good carrots were now gone, so ended up making a dish of the teeniest, tiniest glazed carrots ever
  • forgot that my partner and I were supposed to make a haricot bean stew with the beans we had soaked yesterday – so I had to get that started while my partner made her shortcrust pastry for her almond macaroons
  • the chocolate and cream mixture for my chocolate mousse ended up splitting because I started it too early in the course of my order of work (and here I was thinking that I was being efficient!)
  • had to re-make the chocolate mousse, which came out shitty because I was rushing and preoccupied with too many other things and didn’t whip it enough
  • used up all of said chocolate mousse on partner’s almond macaroons when I was supposed to reserve some for my instructor to use
  • cut my finger  – I wish I could say that it was from doing something hard core like carving my lamb roast, but it happened when I was trying to plate my bread and butter pudding

Not to dwell on all of the negatives from the day, here is a short list of what did go my way today:

  • got to use a hacksaw at 9:00 a.m. to trim the knuckle of the lamb leg and cut out the aitch bone
  • bread and butter pudding came out perfectly
  • lamb roast was amazing – why have I not made this before?
  • haricot bean stew was perfectly seasoned – the dish that I didn’t give a shit about ended up coming out the best
  • cut my finger – so now I have culinary school street cred and get to show off by wearing a bright blue plaster (a.k.a. Band-Aid)

In the end, I think you learn the most when you make the most mistakes. I do hope, however, that the days don’t continue in this fashion. At least I’m not as sad and pathetic in the kitchen as this guy though:

I’m definitely looking forward to this weekend and will post about it later. Here are some of today’s pics including my new war wound on my man hands.

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